Axis information
Mechine name
Axis name
Point to point Point to point

Mobile Quality: kg
Movement distance:
Movement time: s
Maximum acceleration kg
Pause time: s
Maximum speed:
Resistance: N
Direction: Up Down
Tilt angle: °
Ambient temperature:
Reaction force: N
Please enter any two of the following conditions.
1. Speed
2. Movement distance
3. Movement timeHome

Acceleration time than run time
The unit of decimal point is 0.1

Calculation results
Sustained thrust: N
Peak thrust: N
Acceleration time: s
Uniform motion time: s
Deceleration time: s
Total cycle s
Safety margin
Acceleration time than run time
Lower limit

Upper limit

With iron core Without iron core Voice coil motor
Selected motor data
Electric machinery:
Sustained thrust N
Peak thrust N
Motor constant N/SqRt(W)
force constant N/Ams
Back EMF constant V/(m/s)
Continuous current Ams
peak current Ams
Inductance: mH
Resistance: Ω
Coil weight: kg
Coil length: mm
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  • Practical application value of motor